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There have been many gay actors on soap operas all over the world. “Which soap opera stars are gay” “Tuc Watkins from One Life to Live is openly gay.

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admin | March 26, 2014 17 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters. 0097With Ellen Page being the latest movie star to come out, it seems fitting that we make a

There was no amnesia or evil twin when soap opera actress Joanna Johnson came out undeniable proof that gay actors no longer have to worry about endangering a hot

The following is a sortable listing of soap operas or serial dramas which include central LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) themes or characters.

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Aug 21, 2016 ยท These are our choices for the five hottest gay male characters on soap operas today. From students and lab technicians to legal eagles and gay rights, in

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Daytime’s 25 Greatest Gay Characters by becoming the first married male couple on a soap opera. And here we have the greatest gay soap opera character,

successful career outside of OLTL), any openly gay soap stars that come There are plenty of gay soap-opera actors but it would be the kiss of

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Actor expresses ‘relief’ as his gay soap character comes out. Chandler Massey played months of angst until moment of self-acceptance this week on NBC’s Days of Our Lives

Which soap actors are gay? Before you accuse me of being a homophobe, I'm gay. Why are serial drama shows called “Soap Opera “? 6 answers

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